Water Depth Analyzer

A tool for analyzing marshland water depth data

This is a light-weight, fully client-side web tool that interpolates and analyzes water depth data stored in CSV files. The tool filters out invalid values (including sentinel values) during import. There are buttons for interpolation and membership calculation, as per Frank Pouw’s thesis paper (based on which this tool was designed). Debug export is allowed after interpolation via the single-station part of the export controls, which enables saving of the raw interpolated depth data of any specified station. The required format for input CSV files can be found detailed in the report linked below. This tool requires no server-side components, such as PHP or MySQL, instead relying on modern features of Javascript, including Web Workers and the File API.

The interface needs some work, but it’s usable. Future plans include overhauling the interface and adding a data report feature that will identify invalid data in input files.

The tool can be accessed here.
The report can be downloaded here.

By Matt McInnes